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Cutting Disc, Cut-off Wheel, Grinding Disc, Grinding Wheel

Cut-off and Grinding Wheels

Bondflex is a global player in the provision of cutting and grinding solutions of different materials and is well-recognised in the abrasives industry. Cutting and grinding wheels are our flagship products, which are utilised by professionals in various sectors, including hardware, construction, shipyard, railway, and quartz industries etc.

Cut-off Wheels

115 Steel+Inox.png

Cutting Disc for

Steel and Stainless Steel

115 Stone.png

Cutting Disc for


115 Steel.png

Cutting Disc for


115 Multipurpose.png

Cutting Disc for


115 Inox.png

Cutting Disc for

Stainless Steel

T41 Steel (Petrol Saw).png

Cutting Disc for Steel (Stationary Machines)

115 Aluminium.png

Cutting Disc for


T41 INOX (Petrol Saw).png

Cutting Disc for INOX (Stationary Machines)

Grinding Wheels

T27 Steel.png

Grinding Disc

for Steel

T27 INOX.png

Grinding Disc

for INOX

T27 ALU.png

Grinding Disc

for Aluminium

T27 Stone.png

Grinding Disc

for Stone

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